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@@Get amazing shots. Easily. Quickly. In 3D. Save money and time with our cutting-edge photo robots.@@

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@@We help customers promote their products
by providing revolutionary all-in-one equipment
for automating product photography.@@

@@Interactive imagery@@

Interactive imagery

@@PhotoRobot is your complete solution for product photography, providing 360°, 3D, flying camera, animation and still photography, multicam capture and video shooting automation technology.@@

@@Cutting-edge technology@@

Cutting-edge technology

@@Produce a spin image of your product online in seconds. Our customizable intelligent PhotoRobot technology is the solution for both professional photographers as well as camera-operators in large studios.@@

@@Effective workflow@@

Effective workflow

@@Being effective means doing the right things at the right time. Our workflow management tools will make your work easier from the moment products arrive in the studio until the spin image is uploaded online.@@

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@@Our own controls app@@

@@The only software for simple and complex photo studio management. It remotely controls the whole workplace and workflow, as well as automating post-processing tasks.@@

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@@Customisable modular systems for any kind of product photography and video. Tell us what you need to shoot and we’ll show you how easy it can be.@@

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@@Pepe Jeans increased their profits thanks to realistic 360° product photography@@

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